International week in 2018

We had a group of seven who planned some fun “traditional” Finnish sport activities for international students. Students had 25 minutes to participate in each of activities, which were altogether three; getting know to smart gym, learn how to dance letkajenkka and play Mölkky. The aim was to provide unique Finnish experiences that participants will remember after an international week.

Before those three activities people were getting to know each other through the “speed dating” game. People walked around the hall and randomly talked to someone they did not know. The purpose of the exercise was to release the tension between the participants. 

In the sport shall, people learned how to dance letkajenkka. Steps of letkajenkka are easy to learn, so they also had time to learn the steps of jenkka and humppa. Dancing was the most hilarious of all activities, dancing made them smile. They seemed to be having so much fun!

The day was not so sunny and warm, but  mölkky was a great way to spend time outside together. Most of the international students had not played Mölkky before, so it was a new experience for them. After all, the most interesting experience, especially fort the German students, was the smart gym. They got to experience something new and unique. The most popular game was surprisingly a football game on 4active, which they played together again and again. Some of the students were shy to try out the games, but after all, people seemed to have fun with these activities!

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