Reason for this project was to provide information about international programs in KAMK to other Finnish Universities. Since Kajaani is one of the only Universities of Applied Sciences which has an international program for Sports and Leisure Management, we believe this project has been quite valuable for the Sport teachers coming around Finland.

Our work as students was to make a project plan for this event in which we took part in. We made different tasks, activities and presentations talking about our home education and sports, as well as a Finnish perspective of Internationa Program.


My main goals for this project were to learn and improve more about how to do a properly project plan. To get to know different sport teachers around Finland, to make the Spanish education and sports known in my country and to offer some Spanish gastronomy to the audience. In addition, it was good to get more experience running an event and plan different exercises during the pause exercise and some outdoor activities.

We have spent many hours planning the project plan for this event, we worked together especially in the beginning and later on we just split up the work. For our outdoor activities, we had some issues and doubts at the beginning because since we planned to play frisbee-golf, we were a little bit worried about the weather in the event’s day, that’s why we came up with a Plan B just in case, if our main plan wouldn’t have worked. On the other hand, we had some problems to get the equipment such as the frisbees themselves, but finally I managed to get enough, and the weather was really good to play, just little bit of snow but nothing that would have stopped us.

Overall, I think everything went well and all results were achieved. We didn’t have any kind of mishap or changes.

For my part I had a good chance to take part of something outside of my studying field, great experience overall and refreshing. I did not learn too much new in case of project management, since I had already done planning for another project. This project gave me an excellent chance to visit Kisälli, if nothing else and see what kind of restaurant it is, I say it is a very professional restaurant, even though operated mostly by catering students. As for the event itself the presentation was fun to create and perform and if I am not completely mistaken the crowd was pleased as well.

I really enjoyed working with Jack and Xavi. I knew Xavi form before and it was great opportunity, to work with him for once, as for Jack a new familiar face and a friend from another field of study is always needed for the future. I also liked working with new teachers as well, instead seeing the same ones from my field in every course, big thanks to them I really enjoyed working with them and would work again if given a chance.


  1. Meeting with the teachers, introduction of the project.

  2. 2nd meeting à to think about the project idea and fill the. commissioning agreement.

  3. Contacting Kisälli restaurant.

  4. Beginning the project plan.

  5. 3rd meeting with Liisa about different activities and the process so far.

  6. Planning outdoor activities in Vuokatti.

  7. Visiting Kisälli à gathering the information still required from us.

  8. 4th meeting with Liisa about our project process.

  9. Meeting with Samu, discussion of the next step of the project.

  10. Started to plan the pause exercise for the event.

  11. Final meeting with Liisa and Samu à Arranging the final preparations with Liisa and Samu before the project.

  12. Finished the project plan.

  13. Powerpoint presentation à Creation of the PowerPoint presentation about the Spanish and British education and sports, as well as presentation of studying in, international program as a native Finn.

  14. Preparation of the Spanish omelette.

  15. Sports Network event.

  16. Reporting.

  17. Feedback.


As I mentioned previously, the project was successful. Everything went quite well, respecting the schedule all the time and we didn’t get any issue or mishap. Only, information I wished was to get the allergies and food preferences earlier, but I managed and it was on time, which matters the most.

The key of the success has been mainly the good organization and cooperation with all the members of our team, communication between members and helping each other if needed.

On the other hand, we planned a plan B if our main plan had needed to be changed or modified. Finally, we didn’t need to change or modify anything since the weather was good enough fortunately.


Supervising tutor: Samu Saukkoriipi

Project manager: Liisa Paavola

Project assistants: Xavi, Jani, Jack

Clients: Sport teachers all over Finland

Project group consists in three different students from different nationalities: English, Spanish and Finnish. No one had any specifically named roles, but tasks were divided according to each individual’s strengths. For example, Jack and Xavi as sports students were in charge of Frisbee golf tour as well as pause exercise. On the other hand, Jani as a Finnish student, was important for dealing with Kisälli restaurant and possible situations where guests didn’t speak English that well.

Moreover, we made a presentation talking about our home education and sports, to compare our education system with the Finnish one. Also to give a Finnish view on International program

On the other hand, Samu was the one who supervised our project plan and gave feedback to us, and Liisa was the project manager of the event and also gave feedback and tips for the project plan.


We just had a budget mainly for the lunch break and the ingredients for the omelette. Only financial risk would have been if a frisbee had gone missing, fortunately not a single one did.


I think all my goals have been successful in this project plan.

My learning objectives were to learn and improve doing a proper project plan for an event. I believe all of us have improved and learnt about the project plan itself and got good experience participating in this event.

On the other hand, I think it has been a good opportunity for us to have been involved in a real event with real customers, since we have gained very nice experience participating and planning different activities for the customers, doing presentations, controlling the schedule, etc.

Fortunately, we didn’t have any kind of unexpected or unpredictable matters.

Otherwise, we expected to have more customers during the outdoors activities in Vuokatti, but it was not a problem for us.

About the training process, we have spent many hours, days and weeks to plan this Project. Since it was my first time planning an event for real customers, it was important to think and planning carefully what we are going to do, and of course, to also think of other alternatives if something went wrong and needed some changes. Fortunately, we provided with enough equipment to carry out the project plan.

As I mentioned previously, each of us had different roles during the project. Both us as sport students, we carried out the outdoor activities in Vuokatti as well as the pause exercise break in the class. Since we have enough knowledge in the sport field because our studies, that was an ideal role for us and now we had a chance to do it in practice. On the other hand, Jani as a business student, his main role was to deal with Kisälli restaurant on how to manage the mealtime during the event. The customers enjoyed the meal I had arranged and all the allergies and preferences were taken in account. I would say I did learn a thing or two about arranging a lunch. In addition, since I am Finnish, if there was any problem of understanding with customers because English, I could have helped with translating. The customers did not need any translation at all so I did not need to use the skills.

Lastly but not least I learned a new perspective, which is a sports student perspective of handling responsibilities, they are way more practical and not as formal as we business students but I do envy that I cannot be like that most of the time and this event gave me a good chance to do so.

7. Pictures from the Event

Welcoming servings (including Spanish omelet, British tea and Finnish water).

Outdoors activity: Frisbee golf in Vuokatti.

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